Mahler Chamber Orchestra

A nomadic collective

Rebranding to position the Mahler Chamber Orchestra as one of the best orchestras in the world and to effectively communicate what makes them stand out from the rest.


Strategy + Visuals + Technology



After significant changes the orchestra faced a period of uncertainty. There wasn’t a strong mission & vision among all the stakeholders and they struggled with the feeling of not having a residency.

What was their purpose and why should audiences and presenters care about them?


We developed a brand workshop with all the stakeholders to find out their Artistic DNA and designed a campaign to roll out their new brand identity.


Together we understood that, apart from being a top orchestra, the main difference was the fact that they are always on tour. There are no routines and they know how to bring this fresh experiences into vivid experiences for their audiences.

We needed to tell this story!


We developed their new brand from scratch, produced new photos and the philosophy video you can see above.

The new brand set the foundations and helped everyone in the orchestra to communicate more effectively who they are, how they are different and why they do what they do.

Today we maintain our amazing partnership expanding the orchestra’s brand and social recognition with new marketing campaigns and content like this video for its academy.

And we received an award for this great work!

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