Molina Visuals is a branding & web design agency that makes classical music organizations look surprisingly beautiful and captivate new audiences.

Our Expertise


Brand Identity, Campaign Design, Messaging, Concept Development, Brochures, Print Materials, Copywriting, Photography, Videography, Illustration, Animation

Website Design

User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Branded Experience, Mobile-First Design, Ticketing & CRM Integration, Technical Architecture, Personalization & Automation, Data and CRM Strategy, Performance Testing & Optimization


Brand Alignment, Brand Launches, Marketing & Communications Plan, Digital Strategy, Campaign Execution


“Beauty & surprise, when combined, have
the power to change our opinions. Including
what people might think about classical music.”

Josep Molina, Founder

A former Violinist turned into a Photographer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur… and father of 2 boys.

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Where are you based?

We are a remote team operating globally. Back when the agency was founded, we realized we are so specialized that finding all the talent we need in one city was a challenge! Therefore, we decided not to have an office and produce everything with a distributed team. Our secret ingredients are a solid communication infrastructure, a wide network of talented professionals, and operational systems that allow any team member, external or internal, to operate within our highest standards in a matter of hours. And, most importantly: even though we are all around the world, we always like to start projects by shaking hands and giving some hugs! Our team will visit you prior to start to learn everything about your organization and brainstorm together.

How long does it take to create a website?

It all depends on the specifications and needs for the website. We normally consider between 3 and 12 months for a full project. We also understand that there is no time to lose— so if you are in a hurry, we can break down the website and deliver it in 2 or 3 phases.

Will I have a say in the design process?

Of course! Your input is critical. Our process requires your active feedback along every step of the way. We will not move forward to the next stage before we have your complete approval of the previous one.

Other freelancers or agencies say they can provide the same services for half your price. Why shouldn’t we use them instead of you?

Our mission is to create new ways to look at classical music. While we know there are many other great designers, strategists, and web developers out there, we wonder how many of them truly understand the emotional resonance of classical music.  Our team, led by Josep Molina, is made of marketers, music lovers, strategists, concert attendees and creative thinkers that genuinely know how to transform the passion of what happens on stage into visual marketing that creates impactful engagement.

How do you manage to stay creative if you always work for Classical Music?

We are inspired by the workplace trendsetters, like Google. Our creative team never works full-time for us, spending a maximum of 80% of their productive time on projects with our clients. This way, they have time to immerse themselves in other projects and industries and come back with fresh new ideas. Good-bye, routine and hello, infinite creativity!

How do clients react to only one design option when the industry is used to having multiple options to choose from?

Our clients are usually very happy with what we create for them. However, we assure them that if they don’t like what we do, we’ll redo it. The secret lies in the enormous amount of time we dedicate to research and process: from strategizing with our clients to determine brand personality attributes, to researching their target audience and doing a competitive analysis. We always focus on achieving the best possible solution for our client that is also in accordance with their budget and limitations. It is much harder to come up with one great idea than to come up with numerous iterations, however, we have found it yields much better results.